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How to Write a Pharmacy School Personal Statement -

July 22, , by Cerina. Some people believe that a pharmacist often appears under the shadow of many other healthcare professionals and it now also appears that Phillip Lee, a leading conservative MP for Bracknell, seems to be one of these people. A recent article from the PJ online, that I had read a couple weeks ago, detailed the events of the debate on the health expenditure discussed not too long ago. But is this really a good idea?!

Over the years, the role of a pharmacist has also expanded from providing a small dispensary service of medicines to being a vital contact in promoting health and well-being as well as providing a variety of healthcare services to the public. This has become evident with services like diabetes and blood pressure screening becoming more readily available in many local pharmacies.

These are only some of the reasons as to why I cannot seem to comprehend his statements. I believe the roles within pharmacy are primarily endless. Pharmacists can work in several sectors which include: academia, community, industry and hospital. Pharmacists within academia do not necessarily involve themselves directly in healthcare however; they instead consider the basic grounding of the profession; for example law and ethical issues.

Is Pharmacy really just a waste of time?

This is particularly important during legislation and regulation that GPs would have little knowledge in. On the other hand; community pharmacists appear to be at the forefront in dealing with various minor ailments as well as dispensing and providing a good quality health service to the local community.

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This may benefit GPs saving them time and allowing doctors to deal with more serious cases. Similarly, hospital pharmacists deal with many of the same issues, many of which are very severe. I myself have had a vast amount of experience in both community and hospital sector and believe that the subtle differences between the role in the two are reasonably clear and are as important as each other.

Having said this, pharmacists within the industry are in fact not very common although many pharmaceutical companies like GlaxoSmithKline are becoming more globally renowned. In this environment, pharmacists contribute towards the entire journey of a medicine — from the study of its chemical properties to patient adherence. Pharmacists here provide clinical scientists within the industry greater clinical awareness on tasks undertaken. Pharmacy is not only growing but it is also profession that is versatile, applicable and much needed in many sectors of the working industry.

Simple because it has no definite role, but instead includes a variety of responsibilities depending on the work environment? The full article can be accessed on the PJ website by registered readers or paid subscribers.

I would also love to hear from fellow pharmacists or future pharmacists and how you would describe your career role. By exploring the different career avenues in pharmacy, we can help prevent misconceptions and work together. A statement I have taken from the article, made by Martin Astbury the President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society , describes this more clearly:.

My experiences have taught me that pharmacists play a vital role in the community, which is the main area under attack from Dr Lee. For example, I have witnessed an occasion where a GP prescribed medication for child where the dose prescribed was dangerously greater than the recommended dose. The danger Dr Lee has not addressed, is that if an incident like this occurs within a GP dispensary; there is no clinical check to resolve potential incidents such as this.

If Dr Lee spent a day in a community pharmacy, surely he would also know what a useful resource community pharmacy is in providing easily accessible expert advice and treatment for minor ailments? I think an underlying problem in the community sector is that pharmacists have not had the opportunity to utilise the multitude of skills they are taught in their degree. Through work experience placements in a number of pharmacies, I have observed many of the essential practical aspects of a career in Pharmacy, including the processing of prescriptions and the importance of communication when discussing issues with drug administrations with members of the public.

From my work experience placements I also learnt the importance of patient confidentiality, especially when seeing individuals receiving medications such as Methadone.

Making a successful hospital pharmacy preregistration application

I quickly realised the major influence a pharmacist has on society and certain patients,as well as seeing how it's the front line of health care. My involvement with St John's Ambulance has allowed me to enhance my knowledge of first aid by providing me the opportunity to participate in first aid courses. By going out on duty, I was allowed to acquire interpersonal skills which have strengthened my communication and leadership. In addition, I gained the opportunity to see the importance of teamwork, understanding and empathy while interacting with patients during these duties.

Volunteering at a playground for children and young people with disabilities has allowed me to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Working with disabled children was highly rewarding as it gave me the opportunity to help someone achieve something which they believed they couldn't and succeed, which I found to be absolutely inspirational. My understanding and empathy of individuals in a fragile state due to their health was enhanced while volunteering on the ward of -insert city name - Broadgreen hospital.

The majority of patients were in a critical state and it was saddening to see them in such pain and agony, although relieving to see how beneficial their treatment was.

Tips for a Winning Pharmacy Personal Statement

I am an independent and focused individual that is passionate about applying their knowledge, creativity and energy to diverse and demanding situations. Pharmacy is a highly rewarding career, both academically and emotionally, and I relish the opportunity to study such an dynamic and stimulating course. Nottingham univeristy - interview Queens Belfast university - conditional offer Durham university - conditional offer University of east anglia - interview although I had to withdraw before my interview date due to Norwich being too far away : Liverpool John moores university - interview.

Loved how you used a quote from the Quran at the beginning! Very nicely done overall I am also hoping to apply for pharmacy and I was just worrying about my as level results and if they would affect me If you don't mind me asking what did you get for your as results and also what were the conditions the unis offered to you?

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