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The purpose of an informative essay is to educate others on a certain topic. Below, you'll find two informative essay introduction examples to help you.

This means that the level of difficulty of this essay is written at a 6th-8th grade level. Informal writing should be written in MLA format meaning that the traditional MLA heading should appear at the top of the paper. The similarities of these two different types of writing are that they can be used to discuss the same topic or prove the same point.

Overall, these two types of writing are very reliable and will be helpful for writing in the future. The "Compare and Contrast Paper on Formal and Informal Writing" was four paragraph essay used to compare and contrast the to different types of writing when writing an academic paper. I used my position paper and blog on standardized tests to do this assignment.

The position paper is an example of formal writing. The blog on blogger page is an example of informal writing. But I tried it, and it was successful! I did, and it was great. I like the whole concept of the company! However, it has been always so hard to find that many of us had to write papers for academia by ourselves and get poor. Our customer support agent will call you back in 15 minutes.

Our customer support agent will call you back within 15 minutes. Sign up to our newsletter to receive a promo code. To address the original question, I have a very different perspective on this: jlam, you are applying for a position. This trumps any abstract question about the nature of essays. It trumps it because when you are answering this kind of question, you have only one meaningful audience: the person evaluating your application. To this person, "essay" simply means "Free-form statement that helps me figure out what kind of prospect you'd be.

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Now, this isn't intended to suggest that you write a pack of lies. Often, truth is far more persuasive than false claims or shaded implications.

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Properly speaking, you are writing a persuasive piece of rhetoric. You have to be the judge of what to do. Make it bold; make it buttoned-down. Make it gonzo; make it timid. Try to game the reviewer's expectation; or make a defiant statement, indifferent to consequences. You really don't know for sure what's going to catch the reader's attention, and it's tough to guess what the effect will be.

It's also tough to guess how much you can compromise yourself without suffering internal consequences. But really, "how to write a self-promotional essay" is a separate topic, and merits a separate question As with any piece of writing, the register you write in depends on the audience and the goal.

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Essays certainly don't have to be formal, but in some situations, formal is the right way to go. Part of the confusion, of course, is defining "formality": In general, formal writing is associated with objectivity, well-defined structure, and the avoidance of contractions, "I" statements, and any folksy or humorous idioms or slang.

Informal writing is associated with subjectivity and a strong, distinctive authorial voice. With regards to the prompt from your earlier question, it specifically focuses on subjective, personal and speculative topics, so you can be fairly confident that they are looking for something more towards the informal end of the spectrum.

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Essays do not need to be formal, ever. Since it looks like you're working on a school assignment, the best way to get a good grade is to follow the style of the person grading, typically the teacher. However, having gone through college and writing professionally for almost 9 years, the purpose of an essay is to express a point, often one with emotional value.

Formality does little to nothing to support that.

Informal Essay Examples

The best essays I've ever written have been completely informal. Doing so is more of a challenge than writing a formal piece because it must be done with intent. Otherwise, it's clearly a ploy to write poorly out of laziness.

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