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The purpose of an informative essay is to educate others on a certain topic. Below, you'll find two informative essay introduction examples to help you.

An argumentative topic should be about a topic that would generate strong argument from both sides. An argumentative topic needs to address real issues, for example, an argument against school uniforms is one of the common public debates scholars believe social inequality. When writing an argumentative paper against school uniforms, the author needs to present negative effects and the positive side to present a complete picture of his topic.

A good essay need present all relevant ideas about the topic and also present counter-arguments before finally refuting the claims from the opposing side.

Writing argumentative essay topics have different requirements, but the author needs to prove his point by supporting his claim based on facts because there is no correct or wrong answer in an essay. Introducing the topic requires the essay writer to discuss who is concerned and what the main concern is. The author needs to provide a brief background of the topic argument. To write an outline, you need all of your research done beforehand. Put all the research in the relevant areas in the outline, and use the outline to try and formulate a thesis statement.

Write an introduction when you know what you want to do with your essay in general — to write a proper introduction, make sure that you have a thesis statement, and that you summarise all of the main points which will be made in your essay as a whole. To write a thesis statement, take all of your arguments, and boil it down into one single solitary argument. The thesis statement should encapsulate your arguments over the entire essay.

It is normally one sentence, but can be two. Wearing a school uniform means that children are robbed of one of their primary means of self-expression while at school.

The Basic Facts of Argumentative Essay about School Uniforms

School uniforms are something that appear in many different schools. While school uniforms may sometimes help to eliminate the differences between pupils, and may also provide a barrier between school time and every other time, the benefits do not outweigh the disadvantages. School uniforms limit creativity and freedom of expression, and they can represent a huge cost outlet for the parents involved. Not only that, but when schools require specific items, it gives rise to possible fraud.

Persuasive essay sample: Why Students Should Not Wear Uniforms

For example, the first paragraph needs to explain why school uniforms take away students self-expression. Teenagers prefer showcasing their inner feelings through their looks. School uniforms deny them their rights of expression hence students begin rebelling by engaging in the poor behavior. The second paragraph of the body needs to present more evidence about the argument, the author needs to present detailed explanations. When arguing against school uniform the author needs to present the cost implications of forcing students to wear school uniforms.

The author can state that parent is forced to buy different sets of uniforms which make school uniforms costly.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay on School Uniform

Most parents with more than two children in school spend more money to buy different sets school uniforms because new uniforms are required every year. School uniform promotes corruption, most school uniforms require unique identification like logos printed on shirts or school blazers.

School prefers working with specific to sell its products. Selected suppliers take advantage of parents by selling these items at high prices. Suppliers collude with school administrators to exploit parents, this is a common occurrence in many countries. After presenting all the evidence against school uniform, the author needs to present an opposing view and refute this claim.

For example, one of the common reasons parents supporting school uniform state includes, students, can easily be identified hence promoting safety. However, school uniforms do not eliminate bullying or other crimes. Intruders still develop other ways of interacting with students by putting on school uniforms. In addition, students bullying has not reduced, students who want to bully their classmates will find other things to use apart from clothing. When presenting the counter argument the author needs to develop logic explanation refuting the opposing claims.

When writing a good essay against school uniforms, the author should present both parents and students reaction and make the essay more engaging by highlighting recent events related to the topic. School uniforms limit creativity. The teenage years is when children need to be able to show their emotions and their inner selves even more than normal, and a school uniform takes away one of the prime ways that they can do so.

With no way of showing themselves and who they are or experimenting with those things , teenagers quite often turn to acting out, in a bid to separate themselves from the herd. This particularly becomes an issue when there are several children from the same family are in school. Uniforms already cost a lot of money, and do so every year when children grow up. This is exacerbated if the family has more than one child in uniform at the school.

Uniforms can be very expensive, since they are limited in scope, and they all have to look the same, and be made of the same materials. Add into this that children tend to grow, and naturally wear out their clothes anyway, and you have a recipe for a huge outlay of money which may not be sustainable in the long term, particularly if families need to rely on certain shops to get what they need.

4. How To Write In Third Grade - Persuasive Essay - Should students wear uniforms in school?

If families can only get their uniforms at a certain number of shops, this can lead to those shops taking advantage of their position. Uniforms normally have particular logos and crests on them — this can be used by shops as a way of putting the prices up to unknown levels.

Argumentative essay for school uniforms

Another distraction uniforms could remove is the problem with females wearing reveling clothing. Lastly, a majority of students can take up thirty minutes picking out there clothes for the next day. If uniforms were mandatory that time could be used to do school work or get a better night sleep for the following day. Read more: S hould there be school uniforms essay. Families would save an unbelievable amount of money from school uniforms. That would save families hundreds of dollars.

Sure, kids would still need clothes other than their uniform, but not as many. Families would also be more time efficient with uniforms. One example of this would be a smaller laundry load. Bulling and labeling would be cut down if school uniforms were accepted by a school system. If school uniforms were worn this would be a non-issue. The only reason Student do not wish to wear uniforms is because they only care about looking good.

Also, much more students would be open to school uniforms if they knew all the success they would get from them. Student and staff would have a much better school year if school uniforms were worn.

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Persuasive essay on wearing school uniforms

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