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She really got to know her students as people. Moreover, to her the teaching does not end after the student leaves her classroom. During that time, she reflect on her lessons, and what the kids did, and try to pin point who needs more help and where. Finally it is also important for the teachers to be upbeat to show that they want to be there. Student will respond positive to such a teacher.

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So it is very important for teachers to balance their work life and personal life; to have time for them and get enough rest. Now there is a perfect classroom environment and an excellent, cheerful, supportive, and understanding teacher to lead the inquiry, the next question would be how to implement inquiry based learning into that classroom. It is not as simple as asking student questions.

There are three general forms of inquiries. The most important part is to understand when to use which inquiry to help student learn. For example in the beginning of the school year, it would be unwise to have student to do open inquires. At that stage, student will be at a loss of what to do because they have little prior knowledge that they can build upon.

This new inquiry hype has led many people including myself to believe that inquiry is all teachers will be doing inside of a classroom. However lecturing still will play a critical part of learning. Next comes with asking the right questions. It is important to note that not all questions are the same; there is a proper way to ask something that fosters inquiry. What do you notice, and what does it make you wonder? In one article a teacher had her students made mind maps of water. The student practiced with ways to come up with questions by building on previous questions.

After posing the right questions, the student must then go off do their investigations. This is a crucial step of the inquiry process. Teacher must teach student how to access information they need. So even if student can memorize everything they need to know for a lesson, it would be outdate very quickly. Unfortunately finding reliable information is not as easy as looking things up.

Student must be taught to be critical of the sources of their information. Majority of the information are found on the internet, and usually with just a few clicks, students will have in their hands vast amount of information. However, not all these information are creditable and student must be able to distinguish those they can trust and those that are fraudulent. It is also important to show students how to use data bases. While it is not as easy as going to search engines such as Google, these data bases are an important source of scientific resources.

It is said that learning and assessment goes hand in hand.

Essay About Inquiry

This is especially true when introducing students to a new concept of learning such as inquiry based learning, because it can help the teacher find out what is working what is not working. Formative assessment such as observation, and note taking are great ways to identify the needs of a certain student, and make rapid adjustments to fit the needs of that student. Summative assessments are good way to assess if the student has learned the necessary knowledge and skill from the inquiry they did. Finally, a summative assessment should be in the narrative form, which gives a report to the student showing if the students have demonstrated what they knew and how it can relate to their prior knowledge and their understanding of ideas.

This report gives the students a clear understanding of what they have learned, and what they need to improve in terms of further learning. In my investigation, I came to the conclusion that to teach inquiry is not as simple as it sounds. It really requires the teacher to be on top of his or her game, and be an active participant in his or her classrooms. Mindfulness is the key.


Far too often we go about life on autopilot without really connecting to our thinking and emotions. Being a teacher require us to consciously make changes in what we do things. Taking time off during the day to refocus is incredibly important. Every aspect of the classroom from the lesson plans to the classroom environment is somehow linked to the success of the classroom itself.

Without one, there will be no inquiry based classrooms. Undoubtedly, there will certainly be uncomfortable moments when class lesson does not go according to plan. The ability to be flexible will be incredibly advantageous. It is also clear that student need to be properly prepared before launching an inquiry based investigation. They need to be taught knowledge they can use as scaffolding, as well as how to access the plethora of information available to them.

Helping Inquiry Paper Outline

Also inquiry is not limited to students. Teachers should have inquiries of their own, such as this one to help them become better teachers. Finally, inquiry is not simply asking question, but asking the right questions. Questions that are open ended in nature are great way to get student started on their inquiry process.

The most important finding from this project is how powerful a tool inquiry can be. We learn a lot about inquiry in class, but never did it make more sense to me than now. While asking these questions, and doing my research, I was able to reflect on everything I found with earnest. I was able to connect all the bits and pieces I learned in class and through research and connect them into a whole picture.

In my mind I can clearly envision a classroom, where I can implement inquiry, and how I would go about doing it. I just feel that I have this clarity I would never gotten simply by siting in a classroom. By piecing everything together, it has given me a new perspective to think about teaching using inquiry.

I think this assignment not only taught me how to implement inquiry, but demonstrated to me the effectiveness of inquiry and made me a true believer of inquiry based learning. This project however is simply a beginning of a journey. I think down the road I want to investigate ways of preventing teacher burn out.

As I mentioned in the essay, teacher play a very active role in inquiry based classroom. So to knowing how to prevent burnout, or identify signs of burnout and having solution to burnout will be very valuable. Collier, C. Learning Science Through Inquiry. Kosoff, S. Mathis, G. What does Inquiry-based Science Involve? Wolf, D. The Art of Questioning. Woolfolk, A.

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Child and adolescent development 2nd ed. We cannot neglect the importance of search engines in this regard. Also we advise you to.